Looking for expertise on mining in the DRC? Want to set up a research project on natural resources governance in the Kivus? Need to train a group of people on mining-related issues? Interested in long-standing academic expertise and advice on mining governance?

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We have research experience in various fields: conflict minerals, local governance, macro-economic aspects, land conflicts, value chains, mining legislation, poverty, food markets, environmental impact, coexistence between artisanal and large-scale mining, alternative livelihoods, corporate social responsibility, etc.

We can offer training packages for various actors in the mining sector: civil society, public administration, mining cooperatives, artisanal miners… The topics we cover include mineral legislation, due diligence, traceability and certification, organizational capacities for mining cooperatives, environmental management, mineral economics, artisanal exploration and exploitation techniques, etc. In the past we have trained a number of mining cooperatives in South Kivu and several of our members have been teaching at different universities.