Advanced course Governance of Natural Resources 2023

From 24 April – 4 May 2023

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The course will give insight into the governance of natural resources, drawing on different disciplines and theoretical approaches. We will discuss the management of renewable and non-renewable resources in a globalized world, the associated governance problems (e.g. tragedy of the commons, resource curse, conflict minerals), and the different forms of solutions to these problems that are proposed at the local, national and global level. Theories and concepts will be illustrated with case study material from the DR Congo and other African countries.

Course content

The following topics will be part of the course:

  1. Natural resource curses and tragedies: core economic principles (Prof. Dr. Marijke Verpoorten, IOB, Francine Iragi, UCB)
  2. Governance of mineral resources: a global value chain approach (Prof. Sara Geenen)
  3. Governance of mineral resources: conflict minerals and formalization (Prof. Janvier Kilosho)
  4. Governance of natural resources: a political ecology approach (Prof. Dr. Papy Bambu, Dr. Anuarite Bashizi)
  5. Governance of water resources: socio-environmental impact (Prof. Dr. Bossissi Nkuba, UCB).
  6. Governance of natural resources : a gender perspective (Prof. Dr. Marie Rose Bashwira, UCB and ISDR).
  7. Governance of land resources: power and knowledge production in the land governance and grabbing processes (Prof. Dr. Emery Mudinga, ISDR)