Conference. 4T dans les mines d’or. Travail, technologies, taxes, tensions

On 12 November 2021 CEGEMI has organized a conference on “Technologies, Taxes, Tensions and Labour in South Kivu’s gold mines”. The results of three research projects were presented: FWO-EOS project on Technologies and Transformation in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) (FWO-EOS G0G4318N), FWO research project on Informalization in global gold production (FWO G056718N) and VLIR Global Minds project on Health and Environment in South Kivu’s gold mines.

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About 120 participants, including 30 miners and cooperative leaders from Kamituga, Misisi and Shabunda gold mines, learned and discussed about the impact of ASGM on health, about (responsible) technologies and technological adaptations, about conflict minerals, about productivity and taxes, and about (in)formalization and labour dynamics in ASGM. In the afternoon, participants discussed in small groups about concrete actions and solutions. These have been published in the conference report, which can be downloaded here: Conférence CEGEMI 12-11-2021_Rapport

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The programme can be downloaded here: Conference FWO-EOS-InForMining

The presentations (PowerPoints) can be downloaded here:

Presentation Introduction

Présentation Nkuba, Muhanzi, Zahinda

Presentation Bikubanya et Radley

Presentation Marijsse et Munga

Presentation Verpoorten

Presentation Mushagalusa, Igugu, Munga

Presentation Geenen, Dunia, Bikubanya

Presentation Réflexion

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