Advanced Course Governance of Natural Resources

The first edition of the Advanced Course Governance of Natural Resources has been organized from 25 Feb- A March at Centre Amani, Bukavu. The course was attended by 29 participants. The participants included two women, 19 residents of Bukavu, 2 from Kisangani, 3 from Lubumbashi, 1 from Bunia, 1 from Kalehe, 1 from Kinshasa and 1 from Mwenga. Twenty participants are professionally active in a university or research environment, while the others work for NGOs and civil society or human rights organizations, or in public administration. The programme included 4 days of teaching and 1 day of open book exam. After this, participants continue working on a research paper on a topic of their choice, under guidance of one of the lecturers: prof. Marijke Verpoorten, prof. Sara Geenen (both IOB, University of Antwerp), prof. Emery Mudinga (ISDR Bukavu) and prof. Papy Bambu (UNIKIS Kisangani).