Kamituga survey instruments

The ongoing research project by Nik Stoop, Marijke Verpoorten and Janvier Kilosho studies the nexus between mineral resources, employment opportunities and conflict in the artisanal gold mining sector of South-Kivu.

Nik, Marijke and Janvier they have completed three rounds of fieldwork in Kamituga:

  • June 2013: Census of artisanal gold mining pits and actors
  • May-June 2014: First pilot of research phase I
  • December 2014: Second pilot of research phase I & exploring options for phase II
  • May 2015: Survey

The survey instruments can be found here:

Stoop et al_Appendix Kamituga Survey Report

Stoop et al_Kamituga Survey Report

The first results can be read in The social minefield of gold digging in South Kivu, which has been published as an IOB Analysis and Policy Brief. You can find more information on the research progress on Nik Stoop’s website.